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Hello everyone and welcome!

I can now officially say I am a senior international elite, having qualified to the American Classic and U.S. Covergirl Classic competitions, and passed my compulsories finally as well! Whew, those gave me a bit of trouble.

I competed for the University of Arkansas for 4 years and took a position with the team as a volunteer student coach to complete my final year of my Bachelor degree program. I now train with Barry Hyder at Capital Gymnastics in Austin, TX, and it’s going great! I love Austin and my training has never been better.

I will mention in advance that for those of you familiar with and knowledgeable in the sport of gymnastics, there may be a few times where I go into a little more detail than needed about specific skills or terms. This is so that those who know very little can still follow along. I’ll do my best to find a middle ground.

Perhaps I will have a category based solely on descriptions of skills I mention, rules, scoring, and the like, if that would be helpful. I would also like for this to educate those interested in gymnastics as a sport and/or the whole process of going elite, and what goes on kind of  ‘behind the scenes.’

I want to thank you for all of the support I have gotten so far. I really, really appreciate it and could not have made it this far without it! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or give me feedback in the comments on the blogs. You can contact me by email at casey@caseyjomagee.com and I also now have a Twitter so I can post about my training and competitions – my Twitter account is @CaseyJoMagee

Enjoy checking out my site!

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